By Reggie Cameron


A finalist on Fox’s hit music competition television show “X Factor,” San Francisco resident Jason Brock was a favorite of judges Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, LA Reid and Simon Cowell. Since his turn on the program, Brock travels internationally entertaining audiences worldwide, and he recently starred in the film “Love Is Not Enough,” garnering acclaim and recognition for his role. The star of stage and screen took a moment to chat with us about his upcoming return to the desert.

Reggie Cameron: Greetings Jason! You’re coming back to Palm Springs to perform at The Copa…

Jason Brock: Yes, Palm Spring has been so much fun. You actually brought me in for my first visit there and for one of my very first performances after I left the “X Factor.” That was a fun show; it was a fundraiser for the school band that was playing for Obama’s inauguration?

RC: That’s right, you and Dee came out to see me. You even played with some of the students on a couple numbers.

JB: It was incredible! When we first got to the hotel you had two boys and a bottle of Stoli waiting for me in my hotel room. Raja from RuPaul’s Drag Race came out and partied with us; we went to Hunter’s and then sang karaoke with our friend Dee, it was a great time. I’m really looking forward to being there again. It’ll be nice to enjoy the sun and get away from San Francisco for a bit, meet some new boys…

RC: I was just going to ask if you were dating anyone special…

JB: Well there was my ex-boyfriend overseas which was on again/off again; then I was seeing this amazing guy, an incredible activist you know, Dan Choi…

RC: Right — you two had that great hashtag #BrokChoi

JB: Now I’m single and ready to mingle! [laughs]

RC: So tell us about Dee — Dee Spencer will be joining you on stage at Copa?

JB: Dee is my co-star really. I’ve been working with her for many years. We met before “X Factor” and have been working together for five or six years now. I ran into her at an open mic night at a jazz club. She heard me and I started to sing and she said “Whoa! We need to play together more!” She hooked me up with these other clubs.

RC: I really love the rapport you two have on and off stage.

JC: Working with her is really how I started performing in San Francisco. We’ve just been collaborators ever since. We love to play together because we know each other so well. We joke that she’s the straight white man and I’m the gay, black woman or something. We don’t necessarily fit our own stereotypes but she really is great for me. We play off each other’s jokes. Dee’s the best.

RC: What can the audience expect to hear from you this weekend in Palm Springs?

JC: We’re planning to do some numbers from many of our favorite divas. Think Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Diane Schuur, Oleta Adams, some of our favorite singers. It’ll be our first time at the Copa; we’re really excited for the show this week!

See Jason Brock and Dee Spencer Live at Copa on January 23rd & 24th at 8pm; Tickets available at

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