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DIY Feather Stirrers - Studio DIY - Palm Springs Style

Time to fancy up those cocktails! Whether you’re throwing a party or it’s just 5 o’clock somewhere, a fun cocktail stirrer can take your drinks to a whole new level! Today we’re DIY-ing some stirrers of the feather variety, with pops of neon and gold. Because if there are two things in life that go together, it’s neon and gold, no? You can whip these up with supplies from your local art store in no time, in any color combo to suit your fancy! Here’s the scoop:


*   Feathers

*   Gold Spray Paint

*   Neon Artist’s Tape or Washi Tape

*   Metallic Gold Artist’s Tape

*   Wooden Skewers

DIY Feather Drink Stirrers Step 1

First, you will want to “gild” some of your feathers.  Just tape the feathers to a piece of cardboard and use your gold spray paint to spray only the tips of each feather. Let those dry completely.


Next, carefully pull the bottom feather bits of your feathers so that you are left with just a “stem” of sorts. Then rip off a small piece of neon tape and tape a few feathers to it (I used three for each stirrer, but you can use as many as you please!).


Then take that piece of tape and starting with one end, wrap it around and around the top of your wooden skewer.


Cut small pieces of your metallic gold tape and wrap them around the neon tape to add another bit of shine!

DIY Feather Drink Stirrers1

Pop these in a cocktail and get ready to feel fancy!



[Photos by Studio DIY for Palm Springs Style.]

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  1. Hi Andrea! The gold spray paint is only on the feathers and not on the wooden stirrer part, so no paint touches your drink :)

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