Soar through the desert sky with UberCHOPPER this festival season. Reserve your UberCHOPPER powered by BLADE through the Uber app starting March 25, in Los Angeles and Orange County, and Uber will get in touch to sort out all of your travel details. There’s no traffic 1,000 feet in the air, and you and 5 friends will land in style!

How do you reserve your UberCHOPPER?

  • At 12pm on March 25, open your Uber app to reserve an UberCHOPPER for you and up to 5 friends (6 people total)
  • You will have the option to reserve your UberCHOPPER one-way or round trip to the Coachella Valley during all 3 festival weekends
  • You’ll be charged $4,170 per trip ($695 a person with 6 people)
  • If you choose a one-way UberCHOPPER trip, you will have the option to take an UberSUV back to Los Angeles for $399 total
  • Once you request your UberCHOPPER, they will follow up with more details about your flight
  • No refunds or cancellations after booking

How will the flight work?

  • On the day of your flight, an UberSUV will pick up you and your 5 friends
  • Your driver will take you to the BLADE Lounge at the Van Nuys Airport, where you will enjoy a Casamigos Tequila open bar before boarding the Airbus EC-130 helicopter
  • You will touch down at Indio BLADE Desert Lounge in under an hour and enjoy cocktails before an UberSUV takes you to the festival, which is just minutes away

Not in the market for a helicopter ride? Traditional Uber drivers will be plentiful throughout the Coachella Valley during festival season – more info about Uber in Palm Springs here!


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