Warmer temperatures in Palm Springs call for a great poolside cocktail, and we think the Moscow Mule is a perfect option. Simple to make and deliciously refreshing, the Moscow Mule has an interesting history dating back to the ’40s and ’50s, when Palm Springs was itself experiencing a heyday as Hollywood’s playground.

Moscow Mule

One version of the story goes that three men were sitting in a bar in 1941, one being the president of Cock ‘n Bull products (manufacturers of ginger beer) and the two others presidents at G.F. Heublin Brothers, the company that had recently acquired the rights to Smirnoff vodka. The men mixed vodka with ginger beer and were happy with their invention, and christened the concoction the ‘Moscow Mule.’ An alternative version has the head bartender of Cock ‘n Bull as the inventor; the owner had ordered too much ginger beer for Cock ‘n Bull’s Los Angeles pub, and they needed to make some room in the basement, and at the same time the folks over at Heublin Brothers were trying to increase the popularity of vodka in the United States. Whatever the exact provenance of the beverage, it is undisputed that the Moscow Mule went on to become extremely popular in the U.S. during the ’40s and ’50s, usually served out of a copper mug. The story behind the mug is an interesting one as well: the owner of Cock ‘n Bull purportedly had a girlfriend who owned a company that made copper products, and the company happened to have too many copper mugs on hand.

Below is our favorite recipe for a traditional Moscow Mule, but this is a cocktail that is easy to modify; if you like a little more sweetness, add a dash of simple syrup. Not a big fan of vodka? Try substituting rum, or for a smokey spin on the Mule, try it with Mezcal (for another tasty Mezcal cocktail, check out this recent post).

Moscow Mule recipe

We think that Moscow Mules are also perfect for Palm Springs weddings (or really any soirée for that matter)! Check out our recent photo shoot at Sparrows Hotel in Palm Springs for some inspiration on incorporating the Moscow Mule into your celebration!

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  1. This is one of my favorite cocktails and it is so amazing that every bar has them now! It used to be impossible to find at bars. Definitely loving the Moscow Mules craze, you seemed to like them early too!

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