web-Jaffe-HouseJaffe House, 2015, oil on canvas, 26×36″

The paintings of Coachella Valley-based artist Danny Heller depict midcentury themes in a photorealistic style, featuring the bright and airy California atmosphere in conjunction with the harsh shadows characteristic of noir imagery. His work both celebrates midcentury design and serves as a foreboding documentation of structures that are under constant threat of vanishing.

web-Twin-Palms-Krisel-HouseTwin Palms Krisel House, 2009, oil on canvas, 26×36″

“Growing up in Los Angeles, my artwork had always focused on midcentury architecture I found in pockets throughout the city,” says Heller. “But after I caught wind of how pervasive the Modernist spirit was in Palm Springs, I ventured down to see what it was all about. Indeed it was a ‘Mecca of Modernism,’ with the visionary architecture and reverence for design alive and thriving in the desert city. Bit by bit, it crept into my paintings: a butterfly-roof house in Twin Palms, a classic ’59 Plymouth, an Eames chair bathed in sunlight. It was only a matter of time before I made the full-time move to this midcentury oasis in order to surround myself with such beauty and draw inspiration from it daily.”

web-Pool-and-PalmsPools and Palms, 2013, oil on canvas, 27×20″

Heller’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the world, with pieces included in the collections of the Long Beach Museum of Art, the Palm Springs Architecture and Design Center and the Foundation Colas in France.

web-Twin-Palms-Afternoon-final-from-NikonTwin Palms Afternoon, 2015, oil on canvas, 28×48″
web-Palm-Springs-Modern-Chair-#2Palm Springs Modern Chair #2, 2009, oil on canvas, 24×18″
web-Edris-HouseEdris House, 2014, oil on panel, 8×10″
web-Plymouth-In-DrivewayPlymouth in Driveway, 2012, oil on canvas, 36×27″
web-Kaufmann-HouseKaufmann House, 2010, oil on canvas, 28×72″
web-Platner-Chair---DayPlatner Chair – Day, 2014, oil on panel, 8×10″
web-A+D-Center-revisedA+D Center, 2014, oil on canvas, 24×38″
web-Wexler-ReflectionWexler Reflection, 2014, oil on canvas, 16×20″



All artwork courtesy of Danny Heller and may not be used in any manner without express written permission from the artist



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