I’m sure I’m not the only one who can say that they love an ice cold margarita on a hot day. It’s definitely one of my favorite classic cocktails and it doesn’t hurt that they’re super easy to whip up. They are very versatile because you can serve them up, on the rocks, frozen, and with or without salt (I vote salt please!). What also makes them great is their very friendly flavor profile and the ability to make them seasonally appropriate by adding different herbs and in-season fruit. It was very easy for me to envision this drink as a popsicle because of its ability to be frozen and to also be fruity. I’ve added fresh mango to this cocktail with some jalapeño infused tequila for a super fruity, refreshing and savory pop-tail variation that is sure to take the edge of that Southern California heat.


Jalapeño Mango Margarita Popsicles
makes 10 pops

1/2 cup jalapeño infused silver tequila
2 oz. cointreau
4 cups sliced mango
4 oz. fresh lime juice
2 oz. agave nectar
pinch of salt
1 jalapeño
1 large mango


Infusing your tequila is very easy. Slice your jalapeño and add it to the 1/2 cup of silver tequila and let sit out at room temperature. I only let mine sit for about 20 minutes and it was VERY spicy. I always advise people when infusing with this pepper to go back and taste the spirit every few minutes to make sure you’re reaching your desired level of spice. I have a very high tolerance for spicy things – in fact I’m always the person that goes out to dinner and requests things “extra spicy.” So trust me when I say that you do not have to infuse your tequila for hours. 10-20 minutes will do just perfectly.


While your tequila is infusing, juice your limes and cut up your mango. Add everything to your blender pitcher and top off with a 1/4 cup of water. I always like to add water to my popsicle batches to ensure proper freezing and dilution. Blend on high until completely smooth.


Pour your popsicle batch into the mold, cover and add sticks. Send to freezer and wait patiently until completely frozen. Six hours should just about do it, but I always like to let mine freeze overnight.





These popsicles were so tasty and exactly like their cocktail equivalent. The mango added so much flavor and also gives a really nice creamy texture to the popsicles. The jalapeño paired perfectly with the other flavors and added a delicious savory element. They are the perfect addition to your next gathering but you could also just make a batch to get your daily fruit intake. There is a whole mango in this recipe so it’s hard to feel guilty about eating these fruity and boozy pop-tails. Another great way to serve these is by placing them in a margarita as an ice substitute. A margarita popsicle in a margarita? Trust me, it’s delicious! ;)


Author and Photography: Natalie Jacob

  1. Sounds fantabulous, will definitely give them a go this weekend and let you know how I get on! I’ll use Ocho Tequila though, so much better and less expensive than Patron! I like supporting the small guy, like #tomasestes who does things differently, like being the only guy to harvest his agaves from one single field, like they do in Burgundy with grapes! Bruce

  2. Hi Natalie, I love the sound of these popsicles, I’ll definitely give them a try this weekend, though with Ocho Tequila. I prefer to support the independent Tequila producer. Tomas Estes first created tequila from a single estate in 2007, much like Burgundy wines. Fantabulous!

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